GBS carries out statutory design appraisal, surveys and certification work on behalf of Flag States, when so authorized by the governments of such states via the International Maritime Organization Conventions and Codes .

The four major IMO conventions are:

  • International Convention on Loadline (LL CONV)

  •  International Convention for the safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)

  •  International Tonnage Convention (ITC 69)

  •  International Convention on Maritime Pollution Prevention (MARPOL)

  •  Int'l Convention on the regulation for preventing collision at Sea (COLREG)


Non-Classification Services


Specification Services


The experience and knowledge accumulated through classification work enables GBS to provide technical advisory and supervisory services for ship owners. GBS surveyors who are seconded in to the owners for such services operate independently. Though distinct from classification services these services are nonetheless in harmony with them. The aim of GBS is to provide independent technical support and impartial cost effective advice to owners. Owners get value for money, coupled with highest standards of quality during construction, conversion or refit. GBS specification services have been used extensively by various ship owners including national administrations, port authorities, oil companies etc. Specification services are provided for pre-contract as well as post-contract stages.




Pre-contract services include:

  •  Advice for preparation of inquiry documents for tendering

  •  Appraisal of tender bids from shipbuilders

  •  Power estimation

  •  Fuel consumption, endurance and capacities for consumables

  •  Trim and stability calculations

  •  General layout and space concepts

  •  Cargo capacities and handling arrangements

  •  Selection of propulsion and auxiliary machinery

  •  Advice for painting and corrosion protection scheme.


Post-contract services


Design appraisal is done at the early stages to ensure that proposed arrangement conforms to the agreed specification. The design appraisal could cover model-testing program for power estimation, sea keeping and maneuvering.


Generally the following plans are verified for ensuring compliance with specification:

  •  Hull and superstructure

  •  All machinery systems

  •  Loading conditions

  •  Tank arrangement and capacities

  •  Electrical and control system

  •  Painting specification and corrosion control system

  •  Communication systems and navigational equipment

  •  Safety equipment and life saving appliances


Supervision during all stages of construction


At the shipyard, comprehensive supervision is provided during all stages of constructions including tests and trials. Owners are appraised at monthly or agreed intervals about progress, deviations, from specifications and other pertinent facts of owners interest. Visits are arranged to the sub-contractor's work sites to inspect major items of machinery and equipment to ensure compliance with specifications and agreed standards of workmanship.


Supervision during major modification and repair


This includes a broad range of focus areas like:

  •  Examination of existing plans of a vessel to assess its suitability for modifications

  •  Examination of the existing condition of a vessel

  •  Assisting owners in evaluation of contractors

  •  Supervision of modification work


Statutory Works

  • Survey and Registration of ships

  •  Survey and inspection of Materials & Equipment.

  •  Survey and Certification services on behalf of Flag State Administrations

  •  Assignment of Free Board

  •  Life Saving Equipment

  •  Radio Communication Equipment

  •  Navigational Equipment

  •  Fire protection

  •  Transport of dangerous cargo

  •  Crew accommodation






  • Tonnage measurement and certification

  •  Pre-purchase condition survey

  •  Preparation of cargo securing manual

  •  Preparation of S.O.P.E.P.

  •  Preparation of trim & stability booklet

  •  Grain loading manual

  •  Damage assessment

  •  Repair survey

  •  Cargo survey

  •  Draught survey

  •  On hire / off hire survey

  •  Cargo gear survey

  •  Class services

  •  Condition survey

  •  Classification survey & Certification

  •  Towage survey & Certification

  •  Lay up survey & Certification

  •  Re-activation survey & Certification